Volunteer Course of Preparation (COP)

All volunteers attend the Home-Start Course of Preparation (COP) which they have to complete before they are matched to their first family. The course covers very pertinent topics and gives real insight into the issues facing families with young children. Regular capacity building trainings and support are provided by Home-Start which is aimed at helping to increase their confidence and knowledge for volunteers as they prepare to undertake home visitations. The training combined with their own parenting experience gives volunteers a strong foundation on which to build their support for families struggling to cope with the challenges of daily life.

Central Region Volunteers


Western Region Volunteers


Northern Region Volunteers


Eastern Region Volunteer

Every year training sessions are carried out once at the four major regions of Uganda (Central, Western, Northern and Easter) New members of Parent Volunteers are recruited to undergo training and upon completion they allowed to join the group of ‘Parent Volunteer Leaders' (PVL) and thereafter are matched to a family. The project also endeavor to support the Volunteers' specific needs through monthly meetings on which short reviews regarding training, regular support meetings and the assisting of the Scheme's Coordinator at all times.

During 2013/14, under the special the PPP The Project was able to train about 110 of whom 43 for Western Scheme, 22 for Eastern, 20 for Northern and 15 Central.