The period right from conception through birth and the first five years are very critical moments for a child's growth and development. The challenges that the family/Parent/Caregiver goes through during these years strongly determines the opportunities and life chances children have. Children ought to be raised in a stable, loving, family environment for them to have a positive and healthy future. But being a parent isn't easy and when any experiences difficulties, there is an increased risk of problems for the children too. The effects of poverty, alcoholism, HIV/AIDS, illness, divorce, incarceration, etc., undoubtedly very detrimental to the quality of life for most families.

It is imperative that every child should grow up with caring and loving Parents/Caregivers in this way the children are more likely to have better physical health, stay out of trouble, have higher educational aspirations, and remain socially-emotionally healthy and promising adulthood.

It is therefore through Home-Start approach because our selfless home visiting volunteers are parents themselves and understand how hard it can be, tirelessly work alongside parents, in their own homes, to help them cope with the stresses and strains of life and make sure they acquire the skills, give time and strength they need to nurture their children well.