Positive Parent Education Training

Project Protect and Prosper regularly carries out Positive Parent Education Skills curb instances of child maltreatment in families and communities.
Home-Start organizes training sessions that;
  • Involves fathers; in order to promote family cooperation and cohesion.
  • Provide interactive training techniques; as a learning approach that involves activities such as group discussion, role playing, active modeling, homework exercises, and reviewing videos of effective parenting approaches.
  • Provide opportunities to practice new skills; by offering time for parents to practice new skills with their children during parent training sessions that include emotional communication skills, the use of time-out, and parenting consistency, problem-solving skills or ways to promote children's cognitive, academic, or social skills.
  • Teach emotional communication skills; in relationship-building, such as active listening or self-reflection for children to recognize their own feelings and emotions .This is intended to improve communication patterns among families by reducing negative comments and allowing children to feel they are included in the communication process.
  • Encourage parent peer support; to promote a positive impact on children's cognitive outcomes and also to strengthen family bonds and giving parents an opportunity to share their experiences in constructive settings.
  • Conducts Parent Cafés and Community Cafés; led by trained parent leaders in parent-friendly environments. These are aimed at providing a forum for parents, caregivers, and others to engage in conversations about ways to incorporate protective factors into parenting, child development, and self-care.
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